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Turntables and Vinyl Records for DJ

It is no exaggeration to say that dance music and DJs have saved vinyl. The major record companies had dumped their record pressing plants like unloved children. Without House, Techno and Hip-Hop the remaining pressing plants would probably have had to close down long ago. Streaming may not displace the vinyl record anymore, but the…

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What is Comfortable Decibel Level?

Most of you may know that human can listen up to a limited decibel audio. If the audio level goes higher than that particular number then chances of being deaf are higher. Lots of people love to visit clubs as there is a great sound to listen and the environment is awesome to dance but…

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Simple Stage Lighting Setup

You have seen that there are so many stage directors that make a program look amazing and better than program managed by us. The question arrive that how they do this and what’s major factor? Well, we are here to tell you simple stage lighting setup which can be effective and you can easily rely…

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What is Low Lying Fog Machine?

Visiting concert of some singers and chilling with the music is really interesting. However, some people wonder the great lighting effects which is cutting through the venue and looking so awesome. The credit goes to ground fog machine which makes the laser lights visible and the same goes for another lighting effect which looks amazing…

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Some of best Corporate Outing Ideas

Going out with corporate members and spending a night together doing something interesting can be a great idea which is full of fun. Doing party at someone’s home is really old and everyone feels bored of these but there are some awesome things that one can try out and spend quality time with ease. Are…

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