What is Comfortable Decibel Level?

Most of you may know that human can listen up to a limited decibel audio. If the audio level goes higher than that particular number then chances of being deaf are higher. Lots of people love to visit clubs as there is a great sound to listen and the environment is awesome to dance but do you know that everyone in the club have a different level of exposure. A person who is exposure to more than 85DB has higher risk of losing the hearing ability and it is legal noise level allowed.

What Is Exposure Level To Everyone In Club?

If you are in the club and thinking that how much a person get the exposure then the below given are some numbers to check out. The average decibel level in a club is –

  • The bar staff is always at the critical point of harmful decibel and they get the exposure of 89 to 99 which is quite closer to 85DB.
  • The glass collector is mostly near the bar staff so they get quite similar exposure to bar staff and it is 90 to 100DB.
  • The waiter is always out to serve people and they may get closer too but commonly, they get the exposure of 102dB.
  • DJ is behind the speakers but still, he/she get the exposure of 93 to 99dB which isn’t good at all.
  • The security of a club can get the exposure of 97dB which is high too. And the exposure near the door is 84dB.
  • Lastly, the dance floor where everyone wan to do some hip-hop has the exposure of 94 to 104db which can increase too.

club noisesAs you can say that everyone in club is near to higher exposure except the door or entry area. The club noises is surely bad for your ears.

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